Ofsted report – Poetry in Schools: a survey of practice, 2006/07

Ofsted have today published a report on the teaching of poetry in schools. They visited more than 85 schools around the United Kingdom to assess the standards of poetry teaching and the results that they produce in the pupils’ reading and writing of poetry.
The report ultimately shows that the teaching of poetry is good, even very good in many of the schools inspected, but still remains weaker than other areas of English. Poetry still appears to present a challenge for teachers, and remains an area in which they need extra support.
Read the Ofsted report: Poetry in schools: a survey of practice, 2006/07
Michael Rosen, the Children’s Laureate, says that poetry has been sidelined and welcomes the Ofsted report saying that it “goes some of the way to exposing what’s going on”.
Read the BBC report: Michael Rosen speaks out after the Ofsted report
The Poetry Society view the Ofsted report in a positive light – both teachers and pupils appear to be enthusiastic about poetry, and we can offer teachers the support they need to deliver active and engaging approaches to poetry in the classroom through our Poetryclass INSET training scheme.
We can also provide experienced poets to work with pupils throughout the Key Stages, across the curriculum and within specific areas of learning through our Poets in Schools scheme. Wherever your school is based and whatever your needs are, we can find a poet who will be able to work with your pupils to enhance creativity and literacy, and more importantly, to nurture the enjoyment of poetry, with lasting impact throughout the school.

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